All of the items on this page are available on a made-to-order basis.  You can specify wood type, stain colors, punchwork
patterns, etc.  Pricing may vary slightly from what is listed on each individual piece below based on your selections.   These
pieces can be completed in 6 to 12 weeks after your final order is placed.  A 75% deposit is required on all custom orders, with
the remainder due before shipping.
This Oak Bench is sure to evoke images of an earlier time, when people
waited on platforms for the coming of the trains.  Built entirely of red oak,
the bench shown features inset, hand-cut iron stars embedded into the
legs and  punched stars on the top rail of the seat back. With room enough
for 3 adults, this bench will serve equally well indoors or out.  This bench
can be ordered in a variety of hardwoods and stain colors, certain to
match any decor.

Price:  $1,495
Designed as a Cooler Chest for Civil War reenactors, this will serve equally
well as a blanket or quilt chest. The folding legs raise the cooler to a
convenient height and doubles as additional work space.  The oak spring
folding legs  make transporting it much easier.  This box is available in a
variety of sizes to  fit most standard brands & sizes of coolers, from 36 up
to 96 quart. All sizes  are built wider than the cooler itself to allow for
storage of other items such  as bread, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Price:  $295 (up to 54 qt.)
Evoking the charm of old-time elegance and craftsmanship, this Cedar
Chest will serve equally well as a coffee table or bedroom bench.  
Constructed of maple, the Chest shown here features inset panels with an
original design that was hand-punched. A wide variety of other designs are
available for the panels.  The chest is fully lined with tongue and groove
cedar from the Texas Hill Country.  

Price:  $ 3,995
This trunk, originally designed for a Civil War Reenactor, has become
popular as a blanket or hope chest.  It was built using construction
methods commonly employed during the mid to late 1800's.  The trunk
shown is made of Basswood with inset Maple panels, & was assembled
with pegs and glue. The hardware is rusty iron.  This trunk is available in a
variety of hardwoods & stain colors.  The hand punched pattern on the
front panels can be selected from a wide variety of available patterns, and
can be personalized with initials if desired.

Price:  $ 575
This Cedar Chest, built in the classic Shaker style, will be right at home in
any bedroom.  The chest, available in a variety of hardwoods and stain
colors, is assembled from mortise and tenon panels, which are then joined
with peg  and glue construction.  The carved legs add a touch of simple
elegance, and  the entire chest is lined with aromatic Texas Red Cedar.  
Whether it is used for blanket and quilt storage, or as a Hope Chest, this
Cedar Chest is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Price:  $4,495
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This Thread Storage Box is sure to provide enough space for anyone who
sews, and it can either be set on your sewing table top or hung on the wall.

With four removable shelves, this box will hold up to 68 large spools.  
There is also a small drawer at the bottom for needles, thimbles, etc.  The
door features a punched tin or copper-plated tin panel available in a
variety of patterns, or if you prefer, a punched wood panel can be used.

The box shown is Poplar, but it can be made with most any type wood.

Price:  $ 159
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Everyone who cooks understands the value of having a sharp knife.  This  
Sharpening Stone box keeps a high-quality, two-sided India stone within
easy reach.  

The solid hardwood box is assembled with pegs and glue to ensure that it
will last a lifetime.  These boxes are available in a variety of hardwoods
and stain colors.


Height: 2 1/4  inches
Width: 3 ½ inches
Depth: 7 ½  inches

Price:  $ 49
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This poplar Toy Box with Carousel Horses is sure to delight any child (or
Grandparent for that matter!)  The lid features spring supports to keep the
lid from accidentally falling onto a child's hands, and the entire box is
finished with polyurethane to ensure a long-lasting and carefree finish.


Height: 18  inches
Width: 24 inches
Depth: 22 inches

Price:  $ 350
These wine boxes are the perfect complement to that favorite bottle of
wine that you are planning to take with you to the next dinner party or
picnic.  Fully felt lined and featuring a leather handle, these boxes will get
that bottle there in style.  A variety of grape-related patterns are available.  
Click on the picture to see larger images with several available designs.

Price:  $135 each

One is currently available!   
The Best Selling item 2 years running!  Coming soon to a winery near you!
This Keepsake box has become a very popular and very personal wedding
gift favorite.  Price includes names in punchwork on the sides, as well as
punchwork on the front face.

It also makes a wonderful gift for Mothers  Day or Fathers Day!

There are a variety of Celtic Knots and Crosses to choose from for the lid


Small                                              Large        
Height:   4.5  inches                  6 inches
Width:    10 inches                   12 inches
Depth:    10 inches                    15 inches

Price:  $ 110 (small)       $ 175 (large)
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This 2 bottle, 4 glass wine box was my entry in the 2007 Pearls Art Show in
my hometown of Elgin, Texas.  Inspired by the box above, it is know as
"Son of Party in a Box".  It is fully lined with Navy Blue felt and features a
drawer for the wine screw.

A variety of grape-related patterns are available for both the inside and
outside punchwork.

Price:  $245
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This box is designed for one of the most unique wedding traditions I've
ever come across.  You can view some past projects by clicking
here, and
view some design options by clicking

It is apparently a Dutch tradition, and you can find more about it by

Approx. Dimensions:         

2 Bottle Version:                                        1 Bottle Version:
Height: 15  inches                                      Height:  18 inches
Width: 22 inches                                        Width: 14 inches
Depth: 7 inches                                           Depth: 7 inches

Price:  $375  (price may vary based on the punchwork design chosen)
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Once again, a client request has inspired a new line of boxes for us.
This pet cremains box is designed to be completely and permanently
sealed, with the knobs on the ends being glued into place to lock the
cofered lid onto the box.

Approx. Outside Dimensions:         

Height: 7 1/2  inches
Width: 11 1/2 inches
Depth: 6 1/2 inches

Price:  $ 150
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and Gifts
Made in Texas
These dresser top boxes are the perfect place for tossing the keys, cell
phone and wallet as soon as you get home, and then they are easy to find
the next morning.  A wide variety of punchwork designs are available.

Get back 15 minutes every day!

Wood:  Aspen

Size:  W:  12 !/2   
L:  12 1/2
H:  5 1/2
PRICE:  $ 135 each
Four currently available!
This spice cabinet is sized to fit under a kitchen cabinet, but large
enough to hold a wide variety of spices and candiments, and each
door features magnetic catches.

Price:  $229