Many of my pieces have been inspired by originals that I have seen in museums and antique stores while traveling across the
country attending Civil War reenactments.  Several of these items are pictured below, some of which are currently available and
the rest are made to order.  

I welcome
suggestions for additional pieces. If you have a reasonably clear photograph or sketch, I can make a close copy.
This reproduction of a Civil War era Field Officer’s desk was based on an
original that is located in a museum in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  This desk will
complement any reenactor officer’s impression, and will also serve well as a
home message or correspondence center.  The desks pictured were
constructed entirely of solid oak.  It is available in a variety of hardwoods and
stain colors, and the front panel can be punched with the design of your

Handles can be iron or rope, and both brass and iron hinges and hasps are

(Click on photograph to see image of original desk)

PRICE:  $800 - $950
(depending on wood selection)
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Our Mess Chest was based on a pen and ink drawing found in Randolph
Marcy’s book,
The Prairie Traveler, originally published in the mid-1800's
as a guide book for settlers heading west.

The Mess Chest features a folding leg built into the lid making it into a
table  for two. The two removable trays are divided to allow for easy
organization  of eating and cooking utensils, spices and seasonings, as well
as plates and cups.  The large open compartment in the bottom of the
chest serves well for storing skillets and larger platters.  

This chest is available in a variety of woods and stain colors, and the  
hardware is blackened iron.

PRICE:  275 - $350
(depending on wood selection)
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This is reproduction of a 19th century soldier's personal locker is built to the
exact size and specifications of the US Army manual.  The tray (my addition,
not included in the spec) features an aromatic cedar bottom to keep contents
smelling fresh.  The lid features a Federal eagle in punchwork.

Wood:  Oak

W:  24
L:  12
H:  10
(inside dimensions per 1860's Army Manual spec)

PRICE:  $  250
This lap desk was inspired by a number of different originals that I have seen
in museums around the country.  They were often carried by soldiers to keep
their personal writing materials and books, and are now popular with
reenactors of a number of periods.  They also make a great home message
center or laptop stand.

Size:  W:  14
L:  15
H:  6

PRICE:  $  165
Our Cribbage Boards include Maple Pegs and tote bags for both the board
and the pegs.  This game is ideal for road trips and hunting camps.  It is
also perfect for reenactors as it will easily fit into a haversack.

(cards not included)

PRICE:  $  35
Inspired by a 19th century original that belongs to a reenactor friend,
this travel mirror has become one of my more popular items.

When folded, the mirror is protected by two pieces of solid wood, and
when opened, the 8 inch by 6 inch mirror provides a large view at a
convenient angle.  The brass hook and eye keeps the mirror securely
closed during transport.

PRICE:  $  50
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19th Century Picnic Basket!
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